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Property Tax Relief

Property Tax Relief & Increased School Equity

Property taxes are placing an ever increasing burden on the citizens of Pennsylvania, especially ones on fixed incomes. State education funding has decreased, increasing the need for greater local funding and higher property taxes. We must stop this spiral.
Consolidating school districts into county school systems provides an opportunity to both provide tax relief and create greater equity between schools. Pennsylvania is dead last in the nation because of the inequity between school districts. Consolidating into county school districts using my plan, provides an opportunity for:

  • Cost savings
  • Greater equity between schools
  • The ability to keep funds local, not sent to Harrisburg
  • Relief from excessive property taxes
  • Schools to tax pipeline companies for the value of their pipelines in PA

Under my plan, school districts would be consolidated into county systems. Funding the county schools would be up to the county school board and could come from a mixture of property, income, and sales taxes. Unlike Act 76 where all the money would go to Harrisburg, my plan keeps the money local. Given the state’s inability to pass budgets or keep from redirecting funds, keeping the money local is critical. This would also provide an opportunity to balance the equity between schools and accelerate the use of the new Fair Funding Formula for state funds. School districts with debt would have to keep property taxes in place until the debt is paid off. By allowing schools to tax pipeline companies for the property value of their pipelines, debt payoff could be dramatically accelerated. The following are some specific benefits:

Consolidating School Districts

  • Reduce overhead
  • Increase equity

Local funding from income, sales, or property taxes

  • County control of revenue source
  • Money does not go to Harrisburg
  • Greater equity in schools and in tax burden

Property Tax Relief

  • Reduce or remove property taxes
  • Remove after debt is paid off
  • Pipeline companies pay property taxes on their pipelines

State Funding

  • Consolidation puts Fair Funding Formula winners and losers together
  • Use as an opportunity to balance state funding between districts
  • State should assist consolidation with increased education funding

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